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A Beautiful and Spacious Area for Your Pets

At 450 acres in size, The Eldorado VIP Boarding Kennels is located on one of the largest and most beautiful farms in the Yukon. We are the only multispecies game farm in the region, with domesticated elk and bison in addition to horses and more. Animals of all shapes and sizes have the space to exercise while feeling protected and cared for on our farm.

Keeping Your Pets Safe

We have spent the past decade earning a reputation for maintaining the safety and security of all our furry guests. The dog kennel is located in the middle of the farm between the multiple residences and right beside the home of the kennel caretaker. The farm is almost fully fenced with an 8’ high game fence in order to ensure the security of all the animals. Additional features include ceramic tile finish for the interior of the kennels, covered dogs runs and more amenities found throughout our beautiful property.

We welcome you to come and visit. Call us to start planning your pets’ stay, and learn why we are known as “the Doggy Hotel”.

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