Interior Suites

The inside of the kennels at Eldorado VIP Boarding Kennels is designed with comfort and safety in mind, featuring heated floors, exterior windows for natural light, and sheltered private outdoor runs. These amenities ensure a cozy, secure environment that caters to the wellbeing of every pet.

Safe & sanitary suites

Heated suites complete
with heated floors

Various sizes of suites

Kuranda beds for comfort

Exterior windows in all

Doggie TV room

Outdoor Amenities

The outdoor space at Eldorado VIP Boarding Kennels features large, professionally fenced play areas for dogs to exercise and socialize in, either individually or with others, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for pets to explore and relax.

Outdoor exercise minimum
3 times daily

Many large outdoor play

Supervised socializing &
play times

Optional Covered outdoor
kennels for outdoor dogs

Large runs with play
toys & dog houses

Dog walking
on request

VIP Pet Care

At Eldorado VIP Boarding Kennels, personalized pet care is paramount, ensuring every dog enjoys a stay tailored to their dietary needs, exercise preferences, and health requirements, with dedicated attention to making them feel loved and cared for, just like at home.

Administration of
medication if required

Personal whiteboards for
custom instructions

Tailored services for diet
and exercise

Doggie treats
& affection

Personalized attention
and love